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Amazon Senshi Sailor Mars by SdazVarence
Mature content
Amazon Senshi Sailor Mars :iconsdazvarence:SdazVarence 117 22
Super Mario Adventures Introduction
Super Mario Adventures
It seemed like forever when he started running, entering the underground  
hoping to lose them.   What cruelty fate had bring.  He was just a simple  
farmer, but finding that object in his fields has now made him a target, and  
all he can do now is run, trying to escape from the troopers.
He was a young man, physically he resembled a human boy maybe 12 or 13,  
though the Kinopio age differently, and lived a long time, his grandfather  
lived to be around 1200 or so, and he himself was approaching 100.  He was  
short, as were all of his race, perhaps 4'6 by human standards, he had short  
brown hair and black eyes, his face dripping with sweat from the running,  
which he had been doing since the troopers found him at the market place,  
attempting to sell the object, they knew what it was, which means the rumors  
of the General having an ulterior motive to overseeing the occupation
:iconsdazvarence:SdazVarence 2 0
Everyday Adventures in Rhydin County - Chapter 5
Everyday Adventures of Rhydin County
Chapter 5 - Conflicts of the Past 2 - A week of Resolve.
"Your going to fight Blake?" Ken say, staring at Elaine as the two were doing homework at her house.
"Yup." said Elaine. "Were going to fight at the junkyard in 6 days from now. That means he only has six days left to bully people."
"Thats incredible!" Ken said.  "I cant wait to see you pound him into a pulp."
"You cant come." said Ealine. "He said to come alone, and besides, I wouldnt want you in danger anyways."
"I wouldnt be in danger." Ken said, he stuck his chest out all proud. "I'm a tough guy!"
"Of course you are." Elaine said smiling.  "Look I have an idea that will help get rid of Blake once and for all, even if I dont win the fight."
"Oh yeah?" Ken said.
"Yeah, but we'll need some help." Elaine said. "so heres what we'll do."
5 days before the fight.....
Ken ran down the hall of Riverson Middle school, laughing like a madman as he was being chased by two students associated
:iconsdazvarence:SdazVarence 0 0
Amazon Sailor Venus 2 by SdazVarence
Mature content
Amazon Sailor Venus 2 :iconsdazvarence:SdazVarence 157 10
Amazon Sailor Moon Card by SdazVarence Amazon Sailor Moon Card :iconsdazvarence:SdazVarence 13 0 Amazon Senshi Sailor Mercury by SdazVarence
Mature content
Amazon Senshi Sailor Mercury :iconsdazvarence:SdazVarence 202 18
Sailor Moon Battle pose by SdazVarence Sailor Moon Battle pose :iconsdazvarence:SdazVarence 265 19 Amazon Senshi Sailor Venus by SdazVarence
Mature content
Amazon Senshi Sailor Venus :iconsdazvarence:SdazVarence 216 7
Everyday Adventures in Rhydin County - Chapter 4
Everyday Adventures in Rhydin County
Chapter 4: Conflicts of the Past 1 - Elaine's Past
Elaine didnt always have friends like she did now, when she was younger she got picked on and bullied because of her height. She was bigger then the other kids even back then, and this made the kids afraid of her.
"Go back to Serenaida you freak!"
"Yeah we dont want an overgrown gorillas in our school!"
It really started in Middleschool when the growth spurt hit. "Good Family Genes" Mom had told her, maybe she was right, her mom was very tall, strong too and very pretty.  Her dad is a Serenaida native, and the Serenaida Prefecture had also been known to produce physically gifted people, the kind that get top end sport scholarships at colleges due to their athletic prowess. She was always told that her parents met at a gym when her father, Johnathan, attempted to impress her Mother, Kimberly, with a rather heavy Bench Press, though not only could he not do it at the time, but was left speachless (and
:iconsdazvarence:SdazVarence 0 0
Everyday Adventures in Rhydin County - Chapter 3
Everyday Adventures of Rhydin County
Chapter 3: Elaine's Anger
Everyone just stared, and Blake twitched as he hit the ground.
"Uh am I seeing things?" one of the thugs said...
"That guy he just flipped Blake over his shoulder."
"Holy....." Hiroshi just stared, suprised by what had just happened.  Shanoia was also Speachless, and Elaine could only stare in shock at what happened.
"Wha...What did you just do?!" Elaine said, staring from where she was pinned to the ground, though the grip on her was loosened by everyone's suprise. "Are you insane?!"
Sdaz didnt respond, he just looked up at the others. "Get out of here....Now!"
Blake's Cornies gulped, they'd release their prisoners and quickly ran
"Lets get out of here!"
"yeah I dont wanna mess with that!"
"How strong is he anyways?!"
Sdaz would kneal down as the rest cleared out, helping Hiroshi to his feet. "You okay?"
"Yeah, I'm fine." Hiroshi said. He was looking at his broken glasses. "Cant say the same for my glasses."  He'
:iconsdazvarence:SdazVarence 0 0
Champions Online Ender Man by SdazVarence Champions Online Ender Man :iconsdazvarence:SdazVarence 1 1
Everyday Adventures in Rhydin County - Chapter 2
Everyday Adventures of Rhydin County
Chapter 2: Bullies and Neighbors
Why did she run?  Who knows, she's already 3 blocks down the road now looking for a bus stop to take her back to Kentel, did she really want to go back though?
"Stupid Dad and his stupid promotion." Meagan muttered as she went down another block. "Why did we have to move and leave behind all my friends its not fair."  She rounded the corner and found herself in the town proper.  It was abit more lively then the quieter Residential area of Riverson, cars going back and forth, stores lining the streets, people walking back and forth.
"I'll show them." she said. "I'll just get on a bus and head back to Kentel.  Maybe Agatha or Jackie can let me stay with them."  She wasnt really paying attention, trying to find a bus stop before her brother showed up when she bumped into someone "Oof!"
"Hey Watch where you're going"
"Sorry." Meagan said.  She started to walk by when she was grabbed. "Hey!"  She looked up, there were a c
:iconsdazvarence:SdazVarence 0 0
Everyday Adventures in Rhydin County - Chapter 1
Everyday Adventures of Rhydin County
Chapter 1: New Town, New Beginnings
20XX, Mid Summer
Somewhere in the Temperate region of the midwest lies Rhydin County.  This unassuming location is comprised of Rhydin City Proper and the 8 city school Districts: Riverson City, Kurukana District, Rohan District, Hawthorne, Yamato Prefecture, Samson, Serenaida Prefecture, and the Ganbare District.  These 8 districts combine create the Rhydin County School system.  Each individual District has its own distinct look and appearance, while the City proper is home to many commerical industries.  Overall it is a fairly ordinary place where nothing really exciting happens.
Okay, so I lied
The truth is, Rhydin County is a wild place, at least when it comes to the schools.  The students settle their differences with fights, and there are strong rivalries between the schools, some more violent then others, to the point where it could tear the whole community apart in a se
:iconsdazvarence:SdazVarence 1 0
Amazon Senshi Sailor Moon by SdazVarence
Mature content
Amazon Senshi Sailor Moon :iconsdazvarence:SdazVarence 239 10
Anetu Ayasami by SdazVarence Anetu Ayasami :iconsdazvarence:SdazVarence 0 0 Sailor Pluto by SdazVarence Sailor Pluto :iconsdazvarence:SdazVarence 2 0

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So were getting the bathroom fixed up, and this one is on the other side of the wall of my room.   So naturally a minor problem pops up in the form of an outlet box for my room in the spot the new radiator has to go,  So as of this writing I'm preping my room to slide shelves over to get at the outlet so we can move it.  Yay


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